Ebury is a financial services company, specialising in cross-border payment, FX risk management and business lending. Our unique product offering helps global businesses to accelerate their international growth. We provide expertise and customer service, usually reserved for the bank’s biggest customers, with our innovative technology and capabilities to enable international trade. Currently, Ebury works with over 35.000 businesses and organizations around the globe, has done 15 billion euro in foreign exchange in the past 3 years and does 15.000 transactions monthly in over 140 currencies. In the past years, the Ebury team has grown to be a major player in the fintech world, with 18 offices around the globe and 800+ dedicated employees, from London to Sidney.

Regulated as an Electronic Money Institution by the Financial Conduct Authority (London) and the Financial Services and Markets Authority (in Belgium), backed by the most respected investors in new technologies, Ebury is a trusted partner to clients worldwide.

Ebury is also the first ever Fintech to go live with SWIFT’s global payments innovation, improving the speed, transparency and visibility of their cross-border payments.

For further information you can visit our webpage at www.ebury.be or contact Tarik Nasri at tarik.nasri@ebury.com (+32 2 89 103 42) if you would like to have a free audit of your FX conditions with your current provider.

Why Ebury ? :

  • No fees on international transactions for transactions above 3000 EUR
  • Hedging possibilities and payments in local currencies
  • Currency rates
  • One single account – more than 140 currencies
  • A dedicated currency specialist
  • No commitment, no obligations, fully transparent
  • Fully licensed and regulated in Belgium
  • Office located in the heart of Brussels