Colombia is member of the CIVETS countries and recognized for its political stability, its financial system in the region and its favorable economic growth. Thanks to its strategic location and the different trade agreements it has concluded with the different countries of the region, Colombia can now be considered as a welcoming platform of the continent for foreign investment. It is also an attractive exporting platform of the Americas.

Colombia has a land 35 times bigger than Belgium and Luxembourg together, representing significant business opportunities. There has been growth in economic and commercial exchanges, but also a meaningful quantity infrastructure projects in Colombia, the continuous industrial development and modernisation has opened new possibilities for Belgian companies that want to invest.

Colombia can profit from the port of Antwerp representing as a welcoming door to the European Union.

Efforts from Colombia’s last governments have been put on attracting foreign investments; favorable conditions for macro-economical stability and improvement of business environment. Economy policies for growth are focused on agriculture, housing, mines and energy, infrastructure and innovation.

In 2012, a Free Trade Agreement between the European Union and Colombia has been concluded, for which a gradual liberalization of trade will allow to save millions in customs duties, opening markets from both sides and reinforcing the stability of the bilateral trade environment.

Belgium exports mainly chemicals, pharmaceuticals, machinery and equipment, plastic and rubber, and metals to Colombia. Its main imports remain bananas, coffee and exotic fruits, minerals products like nikel and coal, and food products.