Our services

Search for business partners

BeLCol is your primary contact to search for business partners. Through the contacts that the chamber of commerce has built in all countries, it will be able to assist you in finding the right partner for your business.

Identify business potential

BeLCol is looking for business opportunities in all three countries. BeLCol is constantly researching for concrete business opportunities in all countries concerned, expanding its network of contacts and attracting new members. Please do not hesitate to share with BeLCol your ambitions and needs, this will also drive its investigations.

Establishment of Companies in Belgium, Luxembourg and in Colombia

BeLCol assists you to set up your business in Belgium and Luxembourg as well in Colombia. We can introduce you to the right accounting and legal firms to establish your business in those countries which are ideally located (hub) to service the european market as well as the United Kingdom, in one hand, and the Pacific Alliance countries on the other hand.

Organisation and Support for Commercial Missions

BelCol assists you to analyse the market and identify opportunities. Once the opportunities are identified, BelCol prepares a tailor made commercial mission to introduce your product or service to the market. BelCol can also accompany your business to identify the best trade shows to participate in.

Customised services

BeLCol also respond to specific requests. Proposing a fixed list of service may not always be the best way of helping our members. Please do not hesitate to contact us through the contact form for specific services you might need, we will come back to you shortly.

Employment intermediary

BeLCol publishes job opportunities from its members as well as candidates profiles. Please liaise with BeLCol in case you want to publish any job opportunity you, or your company, may have in one of the countries. If you are a candidate looking for new challenges please share with us your CV. We will send your profile to all companies interested in your experience.