Ambassador Sergio Jaramillo Caro and his wife Ana Maria Romero have been invited by the Maire of Binche to attend the Carnaval festivities last Tuesday 13rd February at the suggestion of Alain Harvengt, Member of the Board of BeLCol and citizen of Binche, beeing himself Gille of Binche. The President of BeLCol and his wife joined the group. Bernard Glotz and Clémence Mathieu from the Townhall have been briefing the guests during their whole visit.

The car of Ambassador was welcome by the Police of Binche and taken under escort to the City center, very close to the Mask and Carnival Museum and the Grand Place.

After a welcome drink at the old café Boule invited by the Harvengt familiy, the owners, Ambassador Jaramillo and his wife were escorted by Gille, Alain and his band to the Kursaal where lunch were offered by the City of Binche. Before reaching the Kursaal, the guests were welcome by the Maire of Binche at the Townhall where they assisted at a ceremony of medals.

When lunch ended, they walked to the Grand Place to watch the different groups of Gilles under a sunny but cold day. Ambassador Jaramillo and his wife left Binche quite happy to have experienced very closely the Carnival of Binche, as part of the Belgian Cultural Heritage and Intangible Cultural Heritage of Unesco.

Credits: Daniel JORDAN