Under the umbrella of CMF Consulting we offer services of marketing consultancy, ICT consultancy, translation, edition and localization of contents from English to Spanish, Spanish classes and relocation agency.

The relocation agency: www.mudarseabelgica.be provides a service to people who come to live in Belgium. People that want to settle in the country legally thanks to an employment contract, a diplomatic mission or a student visum.

Our consultancy consists of designing solutions based on the family formation in each case and on the particular and specific needs of each family group. We offer a range of services such as residence search, school search for children and our top service: an immersion talk that prepares people for their new life in the country called “living in Belgium”. This talk can be 1, 2, 3 or 4 hours (tailored) with the topics pre-selected by the customers, among which are: how the Belgian health system works, education in Belgium (different school options), advices to avoid getting into legal problems, social protocol, what you should know before signing a lease, shopping tips to save, recommended city trips, things to do with children, what to do in case of emergency, interest groups to join, Belgian traditions, festivals and culture, curiosities of the country, difference between Walloons and Flemish and the difference between living in Flanders, Wallonia or Brussels, recommendations for transport, Brussels neighbourhoods; which are historical, tourist, dangerous, how to choose a good public service provider, places to buy products from the country of origin, social stratification, entertainment options, Belgian laws they should know, etc.