Looking for a natural substitute for sugar?

Recent research shows that two-thirds of consumers are looking to lower their sugar intake. The food and beverage industry is replacing refined sugar or artificial sweeteners in their recipes with natural sweeteners coming from fruit such as dates. That is why wholesalers and retailers are expanding their product offering with alternatives based on natural sugars such as dates.

This is where Tomoor steps in. Their date powder is made of whole premium dates providing a 100% natural, healthy and nutrientrich replacement for refined white and brown sugar. Date powder replaces sugar in a 1:1 ratio.

Who Is Tomoor?

We are Tomoor. A young, dynamic company that is crazy about dates. Why is that? In the first place, because they are delicious of course!
Besides that, they are also healthy and a good alternative for sugary snacks. The great thing about dates is that they are available in many different flavors and varieties, such as honey and caramel. Besides dried dates, Tomoor also offers date paste, date syrup, date powder sugar and liquid fructose sugar to sweeten any dish naturally.

Curious? Discover where our enthusiasm comes from and try one of our dried dates or date products for yourself.

Dates of the highest quality

At Tomoor, we are passionate about dates and that’s why we offer only the best of the best. We produce our own dates in the fertile and unique palm oases of Saudi Arabia. In this Oriental date mecca, our employees sort the dates according to size, texture condition and moisture content.
This enables us to offer dates of the highest quality; always fresh and with a perfect taste.

Dates, a real super food

Did you know that dates are very healthy and are classed as a superfood? This is because they contain a huge amount of minerals that help strengthen bones and ward off diseases such as osteoporosis. Also, a date is a source of fiber and vitamins that help with constipation, diarrhea and intestinal problems.

Discover our date products

Tomoor specializes in premium dates and date products such as date paste and date syrup. Tomoor helps wholesalers, retailers and food manufacturers to address the growing demand for nutritious and healthy alternatives to products or meals sweetened by high levels, unhealthy or unnatural sugars.


More info (PDF): Tomoor presentation

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