Thursday the 21st of November 2019, at the initiative of BeLCol, Transurb Simulation was very pleased to receive the Ambassador of Colombia Felipe Garcia Echeverri, Catalina Barberi from Mincomercio and Andrea Del Pilar from the Colombian embassy.

After the usual visit of the offices, based in Namur, and an introduction to Transurb history and business, the meeting focused on 2 topics:

The presentation of the Compact simulator delivered in Medellin end of 2018. The Compact simulator designed for Metro de Medellin accurately simulates the 2 types of trains currently used on their lines, thanks to a system of “drawers”. 2 sets of 3 drawers per train include the controllers and main buttons. The sets are easily switchable, allowing the instructor to change the simulated train in no more than 3 minutes.
The virtual reality application developed for freight train in Gabon, allowing the student to be immersed in a real-like world to realize all operations out of the driver cabin. First project to beneficiate of this technology, Transurb is now eager to implement it in futures and current projects, including the one for Metro de Medellin.
With this visit, Transurb hopes to strengthen relationship with Colombian figures in Belgium and the major actors involved in relationship between both countries.